Monday, June 21, 2010

I am pretty excited for Avatar, the last Airbender movie. The fam and I have been watching the t.v. series. It is quite good, I only hope the movie lives up to the cartoon.
Avatar The Last Airbender Trailer HD - Watch the best video clips here

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fly By........

I would pay to have a good fly by. I love planes. This video gives me the chills.

We once had an experience with a fly by. We were at Lake Powell taking the houseboat back to the slip, we were in the middle of a narrow canyon. I remember just chilling on the back of the boat, we heard a big boom and all dropped to the floor, then saw the jet up ahead. He was pretty low. I bet that pilot was LIZZING (laughing so hard you pee your pants). It was amazing.

My grandpa is a pilot and has a small plane, he used to take us on rides up to Ogden and over Lagoon, I feel pretty lucky I got to do that. My kids have gone once and they LOVED it! I need to ask him to take us more often. Also growing up my family would go to lots of Air shows, it was so much fun!
I also love fly by's at big events, I think they are the Thunderbirds who do them, I cry every time
Booooyah. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gut Buster

*WARNING* This video shows some bum, not much though.

I am sorry, I love to watch this stuff!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

BEEEE jeweled

So what if I like to play Bejeweled??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I love to photobomb others' pictures. This website had me in stitches.
SO funny.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I love cupcakes

Not from the store, just Betty Crocker, made at home, delicious cupcakes.

That is all I have to say.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Never Ending Story

Remember this weird movie?
While I was working on Friday night the kids were at home watching this movie, the part when the wolf comes out with glowing green eyes, Bos ran upstairs and said to Booth, "that movie just scared the shit out of me!". Yes.... your welcome.

He is one freaky mad wolf.


I wish my children would stop picking their nose!!!
Enough said.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Here are some photos of Livie's thumb.

She wouldn't let me have a good picture????

Ahhhhh, the torture.

2 days after.

She was playing outside, pulling the wagon around and I "thought" she just bumped it on the cinder block wall, or maybe had scraped her knuckles. At first she seemed fine......then she looked at her hand. YIKES!! Her thumb nail was hanging off. I was pretty freaked out. She was pretty scared and I am sure it hurt really bad. I took her in the house, we decided it would be best to take off the rest of the nail, Livie didn't like that idea, so while I held her down Booth cut it off. I felt so mean.
Thumb is doing much better now, for a few days she held her hand up at all times, now she says it doesn't hurt. But then she bumped it today in the car and it started bleeding again. I think blood scares her, not the pain. I am hoping her thumb will grow back normal, which I am sure it will. I will have to do another post after it is all healed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Have I mentioned my husband ran a marathon? And I mean a FULL marathon, which is 26.2miles? He ran the Utah Valley marathon, it was in June last year. His motivation came from his grandpa Jenson, he ran the St. George marathon when he was 50 years old!!

He decided last April that he wanted to do it, I think he only trained for about 6 weeks (which is BONKERS), and did it, it took him 4 hours and 30 minutes (that's not exact). When he wants to do something, he works really hard to makes sure he does it.
He said it was a beautiful run, he went through Provo Canyon and ended up in Orem, the weather was nice and cool. I wasn't able to go to all the stops and see him throughout the race, it would have been to hard with the kids, but his grandma and grandpa Jenson and his mom and dad did. So the kids and I waited at the finish line, it seemed like forever before he came through, but when he did I was so excited for him and so proud. Afterward he said he would never do it again. He was extremely sore after, for probably a good couple of weeks, I swear. He had to walk backwards down the stairs for a while, it was hilarious.

Well..... guess who's running another marathon???

Yep, he is going to run the Salt Lake marathon in April. He decided to train longer this time, he started in December, he runs 4 days a week, he is using a training schedule, which helps him run farther gradually, Saturdays are his long run days, he ran 12 miles week before last. I can't even run 1 mile without taking breaks. I think it will be easier for him this time since he is training properly.

Sorry the pictures are in order backwards.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Is there anyone else out there who uses the
T.V. as a babysitter????

I am SO guilty.

I have tried to limit the time they watch, I have taken the T.V. out of their room, but they always end up in front of it?? Boston throws a massive fit if he can't watch Cyberchase and Dinosaur Train on PBS. They also watch lots of movies, and sometimes Booth lets them watch movies I would never let them watch. Some of those movies have lots of violence, some have bad language (this is where all of the swearing they say comes from, not me), and some are just so stupid Booth shouldn't even watch them. The only way I can really get things done and not have the kids fighting is when attention is taken away from each other by the boob tube. (I just really wanted to use that term, he he) They got a lot of board games for Christmas, and the boys each got a Nintendo DS, so I try to have them play with those instead, but then I have to limit the video games too...... Geez. And playing outside isn't really an option unless I am right there with them, my kids are sneaky and take off. I know I am to blame but change is easier said than done, right?? I get lazy and give in to their tantrums. I watched a ton of T.V. growing up, some of my fondest memories had to do with that huge T.V. my parents used to have, and I turned out alright..... or maybe not???
Please tell me I am not the only one?
BTW the boys start soccer this Saturday so they will be able to get out some energy then.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Month of LOVE...

Happy Valentimes!!!!!


I am grateful that I have lots of love in my life, so I thought since it is February I would post about love.

A few crushes I had in the past that I remember throughout my school days : Auston Belka, Dannon Hancuff, Joey from NKOTB and Henry Alvarez. Actual boyfriends: Jake Poulsen, Nate Smith, Cole Foard, Booth Jenson. First kiss: Booth Jenson!!

Booth and I have been together since July 3rd 1998, holy cow, that's a long time, almost half my life??? I met him at Lagoon on Physics day when I was a Sophomore, I believe it was sometime in April. I was there with Cheryl and Booth was there with Nate Smith, Cheryl and Nate knew each other. I first saw him waiting in line at the Wild Mouse ride (booth said I liked him because he was bouncing his pecks while in line, no way). But from that day I obsessed about him. Missy knew where he lived so we drove past his house one time and scoped it out. I would also see him at church region dances. He danced with Cheryl one time and I was SO jealous!! Anyway, I decided to call him when I was at drill camp that summer, my friend Tiffany Bishop knew him from elementary (did I mention they made out in 3rd grade!!!), somehow I think we got his number from the phonebook? So I used the pay phone to call him, no one answered so I left a cheesy message. Here is the weird part.... his family never had a answering machine? Creepy huh. Somehow he got the message and called back, but I was still at drill camp. When Teisha picked me up from school after camp she told me a boy called for me. Oh boy, I was so excited. Our first date we went to Tyler Payne's house and watched The hand that rocks the cradle. Lame. I think that same week we went out again, we went to see Armageddon at the magna movie theatre. When he came to pick me up that night I was surprised because he was wearing glasses.... I thought what a nerd!! Very mean, I know. We held hands during the movie and the rest is history......... with 1 break up my senior year for about 3 months. We were married May 18Th 2001, Boston came on April 30Th 2003, Wes 10 months later February 28Th 2004, and Olivia November 23 rd 2005. Its been a long hard road of marriage and kids. But I love him more and more the longer we are together. He is a great husband and dad. I don't know what I would ever do without him.

Now, love for my children: I remember just after Boston was born, I was amazed that I had brought this perfect boy to life, that I created him, and he was mine. I cried a lot of joyful tears. He was a great baby, so calm, fun and didn't cry much. When I thought I might be pregnant again shortly after Boston was born, I thought it would be great, I knew I could do it again and it would be just as amazing as Bos. Well, things were great but I had to go back to work full time and with 2 it would be harder. Wes was born 3 1/2 weeks early, I remember looking over at Bos in his baby car seat when I was delivering Wes. He couldn't even walk yet. Bos didn't have a lot of time by himself as a baby, but it all worked out, I can't imagine it any different. Wes was, sorry to say this, but a horrible baby!! He had colic and acid reflux. He was not a very happy guy. But after he grew out of that he was great. He had the cutest high pitched little voice and was very playful and best of all adored his big brother. They have always shared a room together. They are best friends and worst enemies at times. They have such different personalities, Bos is the peacemaker and Wes is well.... the middle child, he causes a lot of trouble, not to say Bos doesn't but Wes does the most trouble making. Olivia was a whole different story. When I found out I was having a girl, I was so excited, I got all teary eyed. My pregnancy with her was great, she tried to come 5 weeks early but everything turned out awesome. With the boys' deliveries they were very fast, Livie was taking her time. I was induced the day before Thanksgiving at 7 in the morning, I thought, nice, it will be done and over before lunch. Nope she didn't come until 8:29 pm. I delivered her without any pain medication, which at the moment when she was coming was a stupid idea I begged for it but she came out very quick, after that I was very happy. For me it was different than my other deliveries, maybe because she was a girl and because of the natural delivery, but it was amazing and I immediately felt a very strong bond with her. She was so beautiful. She was also a great baby, she has always followed her brothers around. Everything she does is cute and she is quite the character.

The love for my kids individually is different. But very strong with all of them. All the things they do, Wes always has to give me a hug and kiss before bed, Bos could care less about cuddling, Livie has to read stories and say prayers, but I really love that they are all so different. I get so impatient and angry at times but when I look at their sweet faces and remember the things I love about them, it makes it all worth it. I really love my children more than anything.

I hope you also have lots of love in your lives.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cleaning anyone???

I am curious. How many times do you clean your house? I try to "deep" clean the whole house once a week. My definition of deep cleaning is dusting, vacuuming, toilets, showers, wash floors, wipe down all chairs and table, disinfecting all surfaces, clean couches, sinks, and some other stuff. Don't be fooled, it is rare if I complete all these things, it usually takes 2 weeks because I get lazy. It is getting much harder, the kids make big messes, especially Livie. We now are giving the boys allowance if they do chores each week. They have to make their beds, keep their room clean, vacuum their room and vacuum the stairs. If they do well they get 1 dollar every Friday. They get really excited when Friday comes. Boston has done awesome, almost a little crazy, like me, he won't let people get stuff out. We have to threaten Wes to do his chores, he just lets Bos do everything. It will be nice when Livie can clean, she spreads all of her toys throughout the house. She will only clean up if you help her, and by helping she means you end up doing it by yourself. Laundry is a whole different story called I hate laundry. I am SO lucky to have the amazing husband I have, he is such a big help with everything. And yes, I do clean in a dress and high heels, who doesnt?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

See the Difference?

Here are two photos, one from my new Camerah and one from my small digital Pentax (which I still love). But you can see the difference in quality. Nice huh?

My new Camerah ^

Small Digital Pentax ^


For Christmas I was very spoiled by my husband. I have wanted a nice fancy camerah (do I say camerah funny?). I really wanted it but I knew it was too expensive for us to buy right now. Booth had me fooled, he would say things to make me think he didn't buy it. I can usually tell what he gets me for Christmas by the way the gifts are wrapped, so this year he put everything in one big box so I couldn't try to guess. Anyway, I was very surprised on Christmas morning by the Canon Rebel Xsi I wanted. It's really Rad!! The quality of the photos are fabulous. I am having lots of fun with it. Thanks Boother!! All he got was a robe and a BBQ brush... Wah Wah Wahhhhh. Poor guy.


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