Friday, February 19, 2010


Here are some photos of Livie's thumb.

She wouldn't let me have a good picture????

Ahhhhh, the torture.

2 days after.

She was playing outside, pulling the wagon around and I "thought" she just bumped it on the cinder block wall, or maybe had scraped her knuckles. At first she seemed fine......then she looked at her hand. YIKES!! Her thumb nail was hanging off. I was pretty freaked out. She was pretty scared and I am sure it hurt really bad. I took her in the house, we decided it would be best to take off the rest of the nail, Livie didn't like that idea, so while I held her down Booth cut it off. I felt so mean.
Thumb is doing much better now, for a few days she held her hand up at all times, now she says it doesn't hurt. But then she bumped it today in the car and it started bleeding again. I think blood scares her, not the pain. I am hoping her thumb will grow back normal, which I am sure it will. I will have to do another post after it is all healed.


  1. Poor girl! It hurts to jam your finger let alone loose a nail! She's sure a cutie!

  2. Oh my goodness...I got swirlies in my stomach when I saw your post on FB...but to see pics. Wow poor girlie!