Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Month of LOVE...

Happy Valentimes!!!!!


I am grateful that I have lots of love in my life, so I thought since it is February I would post about love.

A few crushes I had in the past that I remember throughout my school days : Auston Belka, Dannon Hancuff, Joey from NKOTB and Henry Alvarez. Actual boyfriends: Jake Poulsen, Nate Smith, Cole Foard, Booth Jenson. First kiss: Booth Jenson!!

Booth and I have been together since July 3rd 1998, holy cow, that's a long time, almost half my life??? I met him at Lagoon on Physics day when I was a Sophomore, I believe it was sometime in April. I was there with Cheryl and Booth was there with Nate Smith, Cheryl and Nate knew each other. I first saw him waiting in line at the Wild Mouse ride (booth said I liked him because he was bouncing his pecks while in line, no way). But from that day I obsessed about him. Missy knew where he lived so we drove past his house one time and scoped it out. I would also see him at church region dances. He danced with Cheryl one time and I was SO jealous!! Anyway, I decided to call him when I was at drill camp that summer, my friend Tiffany Bishop knew him from elementary (did I mention they made out in 3rd grade!!!), somehow I think we got his number from the phonebook? So I used the pay phone to call him, no one answered so I left a cheesy message. Here is the weird part.... his family never had a answering machine? Creepy huh. Somehow he got the message and called back, but I was still at drill camp. When Teisha picked me up from school after camp she told me a boy called for me. Oh boy, I was so excited. Our first date we went to Tyler Payne's house and watched The hand that rocks the cradle. Lame. I think that same week we went out again, we went to see Armageddon at the magna movie theatre. When he came to pick me up that night I was surprised because he was wearing glasses.... I thought what a nerd!! Very mean, I know. We held hands during the movie and the rest is history......... with 1 break up my senior year for about 3 months. We were married May 18Th 2001, Boston came on April 30Th 2003, Wes 10 months later February 28Th 2004, and Olivia November 23 rd 2005. Its been a long hard road of marriage and kids. But I love him more and more the longer we are together. He is a great husband and dad. I don't know what I would ever do without him.

Now, love for my children: I remember just after Boston was born, I was amazed that I had brought this perfect boy to life, that I created him, and he was mine. I cried a lot of joyful tears. He was a great baby, so calm, fun and didn't cry much. When I thought I might be pregnant again shortly after Boston was born, I thought it would be great, I knew I could do it again and it would be just as amazing as Bos. Well, things were great but I had to go back to work full time and with 2 it would be harder. Wes was born 3 1/2 weeks early, I remember looking over at Bos in his baby car seat when I was delivering Wes. He couldn't even walk yet. Bos didn't have a lot of time by himself as a baby, but it all worked out, I can't imagine it any different. Wes was, sorry to say this, but a horrible baby!! He had colic and acid reflux. He was not a very happy guy. But after he grew out of that he was great. He had the cutest high pitched little voice and was very playful and best of all adored his big brother. They have always shared a room together. They are best friends and worst enemies at times. They have such different personalities, Bos is the peacemaker and Wes is well.... the middle child, he causes a lot of trouble, not to say Bos doesn't but Wes does the most trouble making. Olivia was a whole different story. When I found out I was having a girl, I was so excited, I got all teary eyed. My pregnancy with her was great, she tried to come 5 weeks early but everything turned out awesome. With the boys' deliveries they were very fast, Livie was taking her time. I was induced the day before Thanksgiving at 7 in the morning, I thought, nice, it will be done and over before lunch. Nope she didn't come until 8:29 pm. I delivered her without any pain medication, which at the moment when she was coming was a stupid idea I begged for it but she came out very quick, after that I was very happy. For me it was different than my other deliveries, maybe because she was a girl and because of the natural delivery, but it was amazing and I immediately felt a very strong bond with her. She was so beautiful. She was also a great baby, she has always followed her brothers around. Everything she does is cute and she is quite the character.

The love for my kids individually is different. But very strong with all of them. All the things they do, Wes always has to give me a hug and kiss before bed, Bos could care less about cuddling, Livie has to read stories and say prayers, but I really love that they are all so different. I get so impatient and angry at times but when I look at their sweet faces and remember the things I love about them, it makes it all worth it. I really love my children more than anything.

I hope you also have lots of love in your lives.


  1. I want to be just like you! That was so fun to read. I can't imagine having three kids so close together. You rock!

  2. awwwww, you're such a softie!
    that's sweet :)
    and i thought you liked booth because he was a cowboy gangster??!?!?

  3. You are so cute. What a great post. I want to meet your family. I'm sure they are just as wild, fun, and sarcastic as you. ;o) And di Sara say, COWBOY GANGSTER?! WOOOO!

  4. the cowboy gangster thing was pretty hot huh? sorry i couldn't make it on friday. i was bummed. glad you had fun though.

  5. oh and the first comment, mh ... i am not sure who you are??? wait, marintha maybe? if it is can you set me up to view your blog?

  6. Sorry Tiffany! The first comment is me (Marintha)! I put my name the first time, but my computer went weird and erased the message. I forgot the second time. Give me your email, and I will send you an invite to my blog!

  7. hi there! this is the cutest post i have ever read. i had NO idea you and booth have been together that long - where have i been? :) you guys are so cute and your kids are adorable. i hope you had a great valentine's day together!

    (and i totally wish we could be there for playdates and stuff - my kid needs friends!!!)

  8. marintha, it is thanks!

  9. aw cute post Tiff! Love is the best and hardest thing at times! But where would we be without our hubs and our kids! You are a great mom and wife! I know they love you just as much as you love them!