Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cleaning anyone???

I am curious. How many times do you clean your house? I try to "deep" clean the whole house once a week. My definition of deep cleaning is dusting, vacuuming, toilets, showers, wash floors, wipe down all chairs and table, disinfecting all surfaces, clean couches, sinks, and some other stuff. Don't be fooled, it is rare if I complete all these things, it usually takes 2 weeks because I get lazy. It is getting much harder, the kids make big messes, especially Livie. We now are giving the boys allowance if they do chores each week. They have to make their beds, keep their room clean, vacuum their room and vacuum the stairs. If they do well they get 1 dollar every Friday. They get really excited when Friday comes. Boston has done awesome, almost a little crazy, like me, he won't let people get stuff out. We have to threaten Wes to do his chores, he just lets Bos do everything. It will be nice when Livie can clean, she spreads all of her toys throughout the house. She will only clean up if you help her, and by helping she means you end up doing it by yourself. Laundry is a whole different story called I hate laundry. I am SO lucky to have the amazing husband I have, he is such a big help with everything. And yes, I do clean in a dress and high heels, who doesnt?


  1. I always look hot when I'm cleaning...NOT! I'm like you. I do a BIG cleaning about once a week and just pick up and keep up on the dishes all week. I also HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE laundry! Today is my laundry day.

  2. I don't mind laundry at all, but I hate dishes. Usually our deal is that I do the laundry and Clark does the dishes, but he pretty much gets the shaft these days and does both. Deep cleaning doesn't get done as often as it should, but we don't have little kids licking stuff that's been on the ground. When I'm super rich, I want to pay someone to do it while I'm not home.

  3. i DESPISE cleaning the bathrooms! i even had someone come give me an estimate for it, but it's just too must to justify :(
    I vacuum a couple times a week, easton was SO excited yesterday because I bought him his own vacuum - mine is super heavy - and the boys can help more now. disinfecting happens fairly often too, but my floor probably gets mopped about 3 times a year. MAX.
    laundry doesn't bother me, sometimes it just has to sit in the basket for a couple of days before it gets put away,
    my main goal is usually to just keep the piles of clutter to a minimum.

  4. I saw myself in your post. I try to deep clean everything on Monday's and here it is Tuesday night and I haven't finished the bathroom. I have a few more days yet.
    I love your background.
    Oh yah, and Tom does 90% of the laundry because I HATE it. He has already done 2 loads today and he has been feeling sick all day.

  5. Cleaning never ends. As soon as you clean something it just gets messed up again. It's a bad cycle. I often tell Jay I don't think I ever want a bigger house because I wouldn't want to clean it. But I guess if you have a big massive house you can just hire someone to clean it for you. That would be nice!

  6. thanks everyone for your comments!! you guys are ALL so funny!