Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Is there anyone else out there who uses the
T.V. as a babysitter????

I am SO guilty.

I have tried to limit the time they watch, I have taken the T.V. out of their room, but they always end up in front of it?? Boston throws a massive fit if he can't watch Cyberchase and Dinosaur Train on PBS. They also watch lots of movies, and sometimes Booth lets them watch movies I would never let them watch. Some of those movies have lots of violence, some have bad language (this is where all of the swearing they say comes from, not me), and some are just so stupid Booth shouldn't even watch them. The only way I can really get things done and not have the kids fighting is when attention is taken away from each other by the boob tube. (I just really wanted to use that term, he he) They got a lot of board games for Christmas, and the boys each got a Nintendo DS, so I try to have them play with those instead, but then I have to limit the video games too...... Geez. And playing outside isn't really an option unless I am right there with them, my kids are sneaky and take off. I know I am to blame but change is easier said than done, right?? I get lazy and give in to their tantrums. I watched a ton of T.V. growing up, some of my fondest memories had to do with that huge T.V. my parents used to have, and I turned out alright..... or maybe not???
Please tell me I am not the only one?
BTW the boys start soccer this Saturday so they will be able to get out some energy then.


  1. Man who doesn't use the T.V. as a babysitter? Trust me, you are not alone! Sometimes is really is the only way to have some peace and quiet and get some things done. Don't feel guilty, I try not too!

  2. guilty over here too! i also think "i grew up watching craploads of TV and I turned out fine"
    then you hear all the studies linking too much TV to this and that... but seriously, if there are other things thrown in there too and your kids know they're loved i think it'll turn out alright :)