Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fly By........

I would pay to have a good fly by. I love planes. This video gives me the chills.

We once had an experience with a fly by. We were at Lake Powell taking the houseboat back to the slip, we were in the middle of a narrow canyon. I remember just chilling on the back of the boat, we heard a big boom and all dropped to the floor, then saw the jet up ahead. He was pretty low. I bet that pilot was LIZZING (laughing so hard you pee your pants). It was amazing.

My grandpa is a pilot and has a small plane, he used to take us on rides up to Ogden and over Lagoon, I feel pretty lucky I got to do that. My kids have gone once and they LOVED it! I need to ask him to take us more often. Also growing up my family would go to lots of Air shows, it was so much fun!
I also love fly by's at big events, I think they are the Thunderbirds who do them, I cry every time
Booooyah. Enjoy!


  1. Remember when we went to an air show, and grandma and Anissa started crying after the fly by's. We made fun of them. It looks like the Ahlstrom genes have finally matured in your DNA. CRYBABY!

  2. ya, well.....at least i can poop.